Jacqueline Monahan’s Top Ten Films of 2015

 room mv 4

Here is the complete list:


1. Room

Small spaces, big revelations

2. Spotlight

Small children, big secrets

3. Ex-Machina

Programmed to serve, tables turned

4. Mr. Holmes

Old Sherlock, new deductions

5. Trumbo

Prolific non-penitent

6. The Danish Girl

Trans, Interrupted

7. The Revenant

Almost too much to bear

8. Suffragette

Violated (and violent) femmes’ victory

9. The Martian

Better red (for a while) than dead

10. Straight Outta Compton

Realities of the street - with a beat

Honorable Mentions: Beasts of No Nation, Bridge of Spies, Carol, Love & Mercy, 99 Homes, Steve Jobs, The Big Short, The Hateful Eight, American Ultra, Amy

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