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Jacqueline Monahan’s Top Ten Films of 2015

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Here is the complete list:

fnd mc americanhustle

This year flew by as swiftly as a pop-up facial tissue leaves its box before another is pulled. In that interim, I’ve seen an array of films, good and bad, but certainly not all of them. Listed below is a selection of ten of the best the year had to offer, in no particular order, except perhaps the first one. That deserves to be in the Number One spot.   –JM

the imitation game still1

Even though 2014 has come and gone in a flash, these films have burned brightly enough to land on this list intact, undiluted, and positively throbbing with accomplishment.

thesessions mv 3

As usual, if I didn’t see a particular film I could not include it here.  Of those I DID see, here’s a 2012 end-of-the-world ranking, plus a few more that could not be squeezed into the top ten, but make a damn fine collective 11.  Excluding directors, synopses are limited to ten words or less.