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If you ever want to make a comedy, but don't know what plot points you need, follow The Wedding Ringer.  This film has every comedy cliche in the book. No movie is without its flaws. What could make The Wedding Ringer better?


Before you read this spoiler heavy article, you can read the review here.


1.  No Josh Gad Singing

There are a few scenes in the film where Josh Gad just must sing. It's a big gimmick to appeal to all the Josh Gad fans that remember him from Broadway and Frozen. It's also a very poor gimmick, because Gad becomes very annoying. Unless Gad is in a musical or back on Broadway, don't be cheap. Gad can be a great actor, don't demean him. Save the singing for later.

2.  Less Cliches

Every film has a few cliches. This film has all of them. The Wedding Ringer seems made by studio executives who have a checklist of standard plot points and appropriate jokes. The studio executives calling the shots are the problem.

Let's look at some of the cliches that this film has:

  • The protagonist who is marrying the hottest woman imaginable.
  • A secret business that solves all of the protagonist's problems.
  • A solution that has never been done before, but the story insists that this solution is the only solution.
  • A bunch of groomsman that are too weird to ever be groomsman. 
  • The family that hates the protagonist.
  • The bachelor party that goes wrong.
  • The hottest woman imaginable is only with the protagonist because he's rich and nice.
  • The protagonist has a realization that he doesn't want to be with the hottest woman alive.
  • The protagonist learns that he has been happier the past few days than his entire time with the hottest woman alive.

The greatest type of comedy is the comedy that creates the cliche. The opposite is The Wedding Ringer. Keep some of the cliches. Keep how weird the groomsman are. Keep the bromance between Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. Give the story a bit more originality. The fiancee's family doesn't have to hate Gad. It would be more interesting if the family was the perfect family. Gad's realization that he should not be with the fiancee would be more intriguing.

3.  Don't Let Studio Executives Make A Movie

This film was once called The Golden Tux. Todd Phillips was once set to direct. Apparently, the script went through many drafts, and the film went into development hell. Most of this is surprising, because Todd Phillips and the original film title were great ideas. The multiple drafts is a surprise since the film feels like the first draft of a comedy. But, underneath it all, there was some studio executive who thought of an idea of wedding ringing and then put a bunch of money into it and controlled the whole thing.

Most films that are controlled by studio executives never turn out well. Directors are artists. Screenwriters are artists. Let them create a masterpiece. The studio might be surprised how well the film will turn out. 

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